Pre-2012 International Breeders’ Meeting (IBM)

During the 1950s and 60s, the Breeders’ Associations of Britain and Ireland (who share a common Stud Book) used to meet on a regular basis to discuss mutual issues. France joined them in 1968. This “Tripartite Group” met every year until 1973 with the venue alternating between the three countries. A representative from the USA joined shortly afterwards in 1974.

The whole purpose of these early meetings was to discuss problems common to each of those countries; to exchange information on equine diseases; to attempt to bring in uniform cataloguing standards, horse identity documentation, etc, and generally to obtain a better understanding of the breeding industry in each country.

In recent times the achievements of the ITBF are the establishment of the International Collating Centre in Newmarket; direct representation on the International Movement of Horses Committee; successful appeal to IATA to revise the conditions of air transport of pregnant mares, etc.

These four original countries considered themselves FULL members of this grouping. Other countries were initially invited as observers and later became Full Members having attended a sufficient number of Meetings. Current ITBF membership stands at sixteen Full Members from the major Thoroughbred producing countries of the world:

BRAZIL (2000)
CANADA (1983) CHILE (2001)
FRANCE (original)
GERMANY (1985)
GREAT BRITAIN (original) INDIA (2012)
IRELAND (original)
ITALY (1985)
JAPAN (2003) NEW ZEALAND (1983)
USA (1974)

The ITBF ‘family’ also includes the following Associate Members; European Federation of TBAs (EFTBA); SWITZERLAND.

Historically, invitations have been issued to the widest possible range of countries, but sadly there is not always a response.

The emphasis at these meetings is on equine matters internationally. Over the years, we have achieved vast improvement in the wide dissemination of all kinds of equine information. Contacts have been made, and visitors from one country to another have been welcomed, due to links with these gatherings. Of the delegates present at meetings, most represent a country’s official Breeders’ Association. We do ask everyone to “Think International” during discussions, for that is the reason we are in existence!

At the 2012 meeting the IBM title was changed to emphasise the connection to the Thoroughbred, hence International Thoroughbred Breeders Federation (ITBF). The ITBF Mission Statement was also agreed:

• To provide a platform for member countries to reflect, solve problems, educate and create opportunities for mutual collaboration and assistance.

• To address the various external challenges and opportunities faced by the International Thoroughbred Breeding Industry.

• To act as a liaison body with racing and allied institutions and authorities, so that the International Thoroughbred Breeding Industry is represented and given space on worldwide forums.